Herbal Medicine

Herbalism have been a part of healing since the dawn of time. Many pharmaceuticals are based off the isolated consistuents found in plants. There is something to be said about synergy, and in herbal medicine we gain the benefit of synergy by using all of the compounds in a plant to support the body's natural ability to heal amd achieve homeostasis. Herbs can be prepared in an assortment of way for you to use, depending on what issue is addressed.

Clinical and holistic herbalists assess multple aspects of a client's life to gain a clearer picture as to what may be the root cause of their health concern so that we more effectively correct imbalances. Herbs are not pharmaceutics and should not be considered a direct replacement for medication; they have a more gentle approach as a catalyst for change in the one's health. Capsules, liquid extracts, teas, and ointments are but a few of the methods of using herbs for wellness. I tend to favor tinctures in most cases since they are shelf-stable, concentrated extracts, and easy to use.

Herbal Consultation

$125 - 60-90 minutes

During your consultation, we review your primary concern and discuss your health history. An herbal medicine wellness plan is customized for you to address your primary concern. Wellness plans will likely include lifestyle modifications, dietary suggestions, and/or exercise recommendations. A unique herbal productformula will be created and used to make a product appropriate for your health concern. The plan and product will be ready within 48 hours in most cases. 

The cost of refilling custom products varies depending on the specifics of the product and can be discussed at the time of pick up.

Herbal Follow-up

$60 - 30 minutes

Adjustments can be made to your plan to accommodate secondary issues related to your primary concern. This addendum to the original plan does not address new or separate issues and does not include the cost of additional product formulation. 

Herbal Check-in

$30 - 15 minutes

Or do you have detailed questions about some herbs your taking but want to know more? Or are you unsure if herbal medicine is for you? We can discuss on the phone or zoom your concern in detail to answer your questions and determine if herbal medicine may be useful for you.
We would want to review what your concern is, when it started, activites that worsen and improve it, and your goal.

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