Many cultures around the world used aromatic botanical preparations in healthcare, personal and household grooming, and religious practices. The use of aromatherapy can be traced back to approximately 3500BC in Egypt and China, and eventually to Greece. Herbs were used to perfume the air, flowers were pressed into waxes and fats to create solid perfumes, oils were applied to the skin, teas and tablets were consumed, and incense was burned to draw favor from the gods. Today we recognize aromatherapy as a branch of botanical medicine that uses essential oils and aromatic botanical compounds to support multiple aspects of our health. Aromatherapy can play a supportive role in one's health, not a replacement for allopathic medicine, but working beside it. Holistic aromatherapy addresses a person as a whole with body, mind, spirit, and emotions playing a part in one's well-being, and using aromatic botanical compounds to support the proper function of these aspects. 

Aromatherapy often involves an assortment of products used to deliver the essential oils such as creams, body oils, balms, ointments and salves, compresses, bath salts, body powders, mists and sprays, personal inhalers, and diffusion. Internal use of essentials oils is generally discouraged unless working with an aromatherapist trained in this method or a physician trained in aromatherapy. Essential oils are comprised of a small collection of extremely potent chemicals produced by a plant so they work more similarly to a pharmaceutical than most other forms of botanical medicine, a little goes a long way and less is more. 

Aromatherapy Consultation

$125 - 45-60 minutes

During your consultation, we review your primary concern and discuss your health history. An aromatherapy wellness plan is customized for you to address your primary concern. Wellness plans will likely include lifestyle modifications, dietary suggestions, and/or exercise recommendations. A unique aromatherapy formula will be created and used to make a product appropriate for your health concern. The plan and product will be ready within 48 hours in most cases. 

The cost of refilling custom products varies depending on the specifics of the product and can be discussed at the time of pick up.

Aromatherapy Follow-up

$60 - 30 minutes

Adjustments can be made to your plan to accommodate secondary issues related to your primary concern. This addendum to the original plan does not address new or separate issues and does not include the cost of additional aromatherapy formulation. 

Aromatherapy Treatment

 $60 - 30 minutes
 $80 - 45 minutes
$100 - 60 minutes
$120 - 75 minutes 
$140 - 90 minutes

Our skin is lipophilic, or oil-loving. Aromatherapy often utilizes topical application as one of the primary routes of administering essential oil. Not only do the essential oils permeate the skin but they are also inhaled providing an enhanced benefit. A single-note essential oil or standard blend is chosen to support your health goal and applied accordingly. Shorter treatments are used for smaller application sites, such as pulse points or local areas of concern, while longer treatments are best suited for systemic changes. While an aromatherapy treatment might feel similar to massage, it is not massage therapy. Holistic aromatherapy focuses on restoring wellness and supporting the body's proper function with the use of essential oils, instead of only physical benefits from manipulating tissue.

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