Michael's Bio

I was told that at a young age I constantly asked my motherwhat a particular plant did, or what a certain stone was for; little did we know this was the start of my interest in wellness.

I love to learn and my educational path has been quite a long road. As a small child, I held an interest in plants, flowers, and stone, and found it fascinating that these items were the used for healing; and I knew at that age that my purpose was to help people by using natural methods. While my interest in botanical medicine began as a teenager, my formal training started in 1997 with an apprenticeship in traditional herbalism from the Southeast School of Botanic Medicine, completing the program in March of 1998. In early 2000 I earned my diploma in massage therapy from Blue Cliff College, became nationally certified by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork, and became state licensed in massage therapy. My budding interest in skin care began to bloom after working for a local spa for several years so I began independently studying aspects of skin care and aromatherapy.

I moved to Arizona and attended Artistic Beauty College - Regis; in 2006 I earned a diploma in esthiology and became a licensed esthetician. I returned home to Louisiana and completed a 3-year course from Australasian College of Health Science, receiving a diploma as a master aromatherapist in 2008. I continued to study skin care and in 2012 I completed the post-graduate certificate program from the International Dermal Institute.

My formal education in holistic wellness continued through one of the few accredited colleges offering aromatherapy and herbal medicine programs, the American College of Healthcare Sciences. In early 2015, I earned my Associate of Applied Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine with specializations in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I also earned diplomas in holistic health practice, aromatherapy, and as a master herbalist, and certifications in aromatherapy, natural product manufacturing, herbal retail management, and wellness consulting.

The industry of aromatherapy is not governed by state licensing yet, however, the Aromatherapy Registration Council is our highest credentialing organization functioning independently from any school or professional association. In October of 2015, I passed the Aromatherapy Registration Council’s examination becoming a Registered Aromatherapist. As of 2020, there are only two Registered Aromatherapists in Louisiana and just over 100 of us in the USA.

A Bachelor of Applied Science in Massage Therapy was earned from Siena Heights University in 2017 and graduating Summa Cum Laude. I returned to the American College of Healthcare Sciences earning a Master of Science in Aromatherapy in early 2020, and will earn a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine in spring of 2022..

I have hundreds of hours of continuing education in massage therapy with concentrations in aromatherapy, energy work, and myofascial release. I have over 100 hours of continuing education in skincare with an emphasis on ingredients, skin analysis, protocols for multiple skin types, waxing, and microdermabrasion. I also have over 100 hours in continuing education in aromatherapy. What can I say, I love to learn. The requirements for renewing my credentials have well been exceeded.


Master of Science in Aromatherapy from American College of Healthcare Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Science in Massage Therapy from Siena Heights University
Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine from American College of Healthcare Sciences
(specializations in aromatherapy and herbal medicine)
Aromatherapy diploma from Australasian College of Health Sciences
Post-graduate certificate from International Dermal Institute
Esthiology diploma from Artistic Beauty College - Regis
 Massage therapy diploma from Blue Cliff College
Traditional Herbalism Apprenticeship from Southeast School of Botanic Medicine

Professional Accreditation

Registered Aromatherapist™
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Licensed Esthetician
Licensed Massage Therapist (LA 1929)
 Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (287289-00)

Professional Organizations

Alliance of International Aromatherapists - Professional Member
International Federation of Aromatherapy - International Associate Member
National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - Clinical Aromatherapist Member
American Herbalists Guild - Professional Member
American Association of Drugless Practitioners - Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Associated Bodywork & Massage Practitioners - Certified Member
Associated Skin Care Practitioners - Professional Member

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