The skin, lung, lymph, kidneys, gallbladder and intestines are the parts of our body that remove waste (toxins), and they are constantly working for us 24/7. By providing appropriate nutrition and rest, our body can recharge and repair itself so that the removal of waste is more efficient. While many people think a cleanse consists of taking herbs or tea, the truth is quite the opposite. A controlled fast decrease the workload of our elimination system so it can be more effective.

Avalon Restorative Cleanse


The Avalon Restorative Cleanse, or ARC, is a simple way to give the digestive system and other elimination organs (detoxification organs) a rest so they can repair and reboot.

Various activities support these elimination pathways though the biggest process during the cleanse is dietary aspect.  Your diet changes in phases to progress gradually into and out of a controlled fast. As food is reintroduced into the diet, you get the opportunity to listen to your body and notice if what you are eating agrees with you or not.

Though weight loss is common because of calorie restriction, it is not the intent of this cleanse. This additional benefit, however, can be a great way to start a new exercise routine or new lifestyle choices regarding food. We are all different in how we take care of ourselves. Each cleanse is customized to you and your specific needs.

You'll want to keep a food diary for 1-2 weeks prior to this appointment to see what you it and approximately how much. This is not for judgement or ridicule, but it get an idea of your eating happens so plan doesn't completely shock your system.

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