Body Treatment

A body treatment is a fantastic way to clear your mind and body. One job our skin performs is to help rid the body of toxins through the pores and sweat glands. These indulgent services dissolve stress and renew peace of mind while incorporating the exfoliating, nutritive, and hydrating benefits similar to a facial for the whole body.

Body Polish

$80 - 45 minutes

Alpha-hydroxy acids, wax ester beads, and pumice unite to mechanically and chemically exfoliation your skin. A quick rinse and application of moisturizer reveal a soft and radiant new you.

Sacred Earth

$100 - 60 minutes

Rhassoul clay is known for its healing properties, improving skin clarity and texture. A warm body mask of Rhassoul clay follows a head-to-toe exfoliation. Hydrating body lotion leaves you feeling smooth and supple.

Holy Water

$100 -60 minutes

Rejuvenate your body with a little help from the deep blue ocean. Full body exfoliation primes your skin for a trio of mineral-rich seaweeds in a body mask of kombu, maerl, and bladderwrack. Top off this gift from the waters with PRIORI's Hand and Body Lotion to boost the vitality of your skin.

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