Avalon Signature Facial
$90 - 60 minutes

This customized skincare treatment addresses your particular skincare needs - uneven skin tone, fine line and wrinkles, excess oil and acne breakouts, dull dehydrated skin, and aging skin. Deep cleansing and skin polish improves texture and unclogs pores. Extractions are preformed as needed while corrective products address your particular need. The nutrient rich mask, an appropriate hydrator, and SPF leave your skin healthy, refreshed and protected.


Avalon Express Facial
$55 - 30 minutes

Keep your skin fit with this express skincare treatment. Correction is the key factor in this service. Once your skin is thoroughly cleansed we focus on correcting your the main concern. Enjoy radiant healthy skin in a flash.

Back Facial
$80 - 45 minutes

Our face is not the only place we can have clogged pores. Cleansing and exfoliation allows clogged pore to be extracted; a purifying mask and hydration round out this service.

Boosters and Add-on Services
Deep Exfoliation
+ $20

A light peel added to your skincare treatment increases cellular turnover. Each peel has its own unique benefits in addition to enhanced exfoliation and is gentle enough to be performed weekly. Choose from:

Botanical enzymes and extracts gently break down dead skin and reducing redness. The gentle nature of enzymes is wonderful for even the most sensitive skin.

Citric Acid
A health dose of citric acid and little a touch of lactic acid improve texture and brighten skin tone. It is great for dull skin that needs a boost. Suitable for all skin types, uneven skin tone, acne-prone, and fine lines.

Lactic Acid + Idebenone
Lactic acid and the superceutical antioxidant, Idebenone, work in synergy to hydrate and brighten your skin, minimize fine lines, and can improve skin tone. It is a wonderful addition for uneven skin tone, fine lines, dehydrated, lackluster and aging skin.

Glyclolic Acid
The small molecular size of glycolic acid allows it to exfoliate deeper than other AHAs making it a potent age-defying addition. It is ideal for refining lines and wrinkle, and mature skin.

Salicylic Acid
Oil loving salicylic acid is the best friend for acne prone skin. It increased exfoliation, reduces redness, and helps decrease acne breakouts. Fantastic for acne-prone skin

Galvanic + Serum
+ $10

Galvanic current has the ability to tighten the pores and reduce redness and  improves the overall tone of the skin. When partnered with an ionized serum, the galvanic current improves product absorption. All Galvanic + Serum booster include the hydrating hyaluronic serum in addition to your choice of corrective serums:

Effecting Serum
Plant peptides and AHAs are used to further enhance exfoliation and refining of fine lines.

Panthenol and sweet almond protein sooth irritated skin and reduce redness.

AHAs and cucumber extract reduces clogged pores and clears acne breakouts.

Horse chestnut extract help tone the skin reducing the appearing of enlarge capillaries.

Active ingredients including black cohosh enhances your skin's moisture balance.

+ $25 - 15 Minutes

Add the relaxing factor of massage during your facial with a few extra minutes spent with a facial massage, hand and arm, neck and shoulder, or even feet.

Hydrating Hand Treatment
+$25 - 15 Minutes

The back of the hand and forearm are the next significant places we show signs of age, aside the face. Warm mitts, A vitamin-rich mask, following exfoliation improves the tone and texture of your skin.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels penetrate deeper into the skin causing visible sloughing. Some of these intense services are usually performed only a few times a year as a booster to your normal skincare regimen to increase rejuvenation. These services are much more intense and are not recommended for first time clients. DNA Repair Serum from PRIORI®'s Target Skin Therapy collection is used to protect your new skin right from the start.

Jessner/ TCA Consultation
$50 - 30 minutes
$25 when performed with a facial 

During your consultation a skin patch test is performed with both products to ensure compatibility; we  review the procedure of you peel before it is scheduled, as well as the aftercare. If you have never had a light peel with me (any of the boosters), you will need to have this done during your consultation. The consultation is required before scheduling your TCA or Jessner Peel, which occurs 2-7 days after your consultation.

Jessner Peel / TCA Peel
$150 - 45 minutes spot treatment
$250 - 75 minutes full face

Drastically improve the texture and tone of your skin with this intense chemical peel. Watch as discoloration is greatly diminished and fine line fade. Use this intense peel every few weeks or every few months as a booster for additional age defying and toning effects.