Massage Therapy
$ 55 - 30 Minutes
$ 70 - 45 Minutes
$ 85 - 60 Minutes
$100 - 75 Minutes
$115 - 90 Minutes

A blend of techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, are among the modalities I combine to release sore muscles, improve range of motion, and restore well-being. It can improve blood flow, decrease pain, reduce tension, and increase dopamine and endorphin production. Massage can also be a therapeutic tool in correcting the dysfunction of muscle soreness, TMJ dysfunctions, poor range of motion, trigger point pain, and similar issues.

Prenatal Massage
$ 85 - 60 Minutes
$115 - 90 Minutes

The mommy-to-be needs a little time to herself. A massage focusing on her specific needs, while keeping her unique circumstance in mind, is a perfect way for her to replenish her energy and ease tension. A release letter from your physician is required for this service.

Body Treatments

A body treatment is a fantastic way to clear your mind and body. These indulgent services dissolve stress and renew peace of mind while incorporating the exfoliating, nutritive, and hydrating benefits of a facial across the whole body.

Body Polish
$70 - 45 Minutes

A stimulating exfoliation followed by a rinse reveals a soft and radiant new you.

Sacred Earth
$90 - 60 Minutes

A warm body mask of Rhassoul clay follows a head-to-toe exfoliation. Rhassoul clay is known for its healing properties, improves skin clarity and texture. Hydrating body cream leaves you feeling smooth and supple.

Healing Waters
$90 - 60 Minutes

Rejuvenate your body from the deep blue ocean. Full body exfoliation, mineral rich seaweed body mask, and PRIORI's Hand and Body Lotion boost the vitality of your skin.