Essential oils are potent botanical oils extracted from various plant parts that have remarkable properties that can be used to improve wellness. They are composed of very unique, concentrated constituents that make essentials oils function similarly to pharmaceuticals instead of common botanicals. The concentrated nature should be used with caution and supervision, and should not be used internally without supervision of a trained aromatherapist knowledgeable in internal administration, or a physician trained in aromatherapy and essential oil use.

Avalon Essentials are 100% pure essential oil that undergo laboratory and organoleptic testing to verify constituents and purity. The marketing phrase "therapeutic grade" is redundant because all pure essential oils have therapeutic properties, and there is no government organization the grades oils as therapeutic and non-therapeutic. I do not use that phrase because it is does not ensure quality. As a registered aromatherapist, I use only 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils.

Store oils away from light and heat to preserve their life. Be sure to perform a patch test before applying undiluted oils.

Single Note Essential Oils

Black Pepper

Piper nigrum

10ml $38

Syzygium aromaticum

10ml $14

Cupressus sempervirens

10ml $7

Abies balsamea

10ml $9

Citrus sinensis

10ml $17

Mentha  spicata

10ml $9
Ylang-Ylang, Complete

Cananga odorata, genuina

10ml $20

 Essential Oil Synergies


Supports a balanced mood

10ml $22

Supports clear breathing

10ml $32

Comforts irritation

10ml $34

Supports mental focus

10ml $40

Relieves muscle tension

10ml $24

Promotes restfull sleep

10ml $32